Holistically supporting total mind-body-spirit wellness through breath, sound, movement, and more

“After all, you’re not merely a human who’s struggling to have a spiritual experience.  You are, in truth, a spirit, having a human experience.  You are not trying to experience divinity so much as divinity is trying to experience you.”
~Sera Beak, The Red Book

The body is the vehicle with which we navigate through the human experience.  My holistic health practice is all about tending to this temple of divine presence, with reverence towards and awareness to its union with Soul.

Discover how I can help guide you towards radiant, whole body health with an approach uniquely inspired by and crafted just for you.  Inquire at wellness@seedoflifearts.com to invite me on your journey today.

We Begin, As Always, With Breath

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Breath is the foundation of life.  At birth, the body is animated with the first breath.  The human body can survive for weeks without food, for days without water, and for only minutes without breath.  Thus it could be reasoned that the quality of one’s breath can determine the quality of one’s life.  Accordingly, I offer dedicated space to explore breath in its complete fullness, offering gentle guidance in one-on one and small group sessions, weekly yoga classes, and comprehensive “playshops” offered at my home studio and around the nation.  I draw techniques from my Tantric practice as well as my classical vocal training for a wide range of approaches to cultivate mastery of the breath and, ultimately, of prana.

Sound of Body, Sound of Mind

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the word was Elohim.” ~Yohanan 1:1

From the breath comes the sound.  Sound healing is an ancient, primal technology that has been practiced by our ancestors since time immemorial. They understood intuitively, and we have since come to observe and measure, that everything that exists is frequency. The nature of sound is such that when frequencies resonate, they amplify one another.  In other words they become stronger, have a greater resonant effect.  Put into practice, the art of sound healing can physically correct imbalanced frequencies, cultivate relationship through the synchronization of heartbeats, and literally bring about greater harmony upon this planet.  Whether in private healing sessions, yoga classes, workshops, or community gatherings, I offer regular explorations of healing sound through drums, singing bowls, flutes, tuning forks, and sacred vocal intonation.

Freedom Through Movement

I have heard it said that the mind is only as flexible as the spine.  I have also heard it said that the body is only as young as the spine is flexible.  Both these tenets align with the core of the physical aspect of my practice, which is to help cultivate the environment for a spacious, mobile, and flexible spinal column.  With proper alignment and support, the signals of the brain are unimpeded in their neural pathways to the extremities, and the cerebrospinal fluid can freely circulate throughout the spinal cord and the brain.  On the massage table and on the mat, providing this freedom is my primary goal.

Supporting Cellular Matters

For those wishing for extra technical support to the internal functions of the body, I offer nutrition coaching through the widely acclaimed Precision Nutrition ProCoach platform.  The daily lessons and practices offered through ProCoach combined with my focused, individualized guidance help to develop consistency in nutritional habits that support the cellular functions of the body at their highest efficiency.  By foregoing extreme diets and lifestyle shifts for habit-based practices that develop incrementally over time, I seek to encourage sustainable change in a manner that suits each body’s unique constitution, lifestyle, and personality.

Advanced Recovery and Immune Support

Click through to find out more about Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, an innovative piece of technology designed to assist the lymphatic system in the process of detoxification, recovery, and repair.  This is the perfect gentle, non-invasive modality for those who are sensitive to touch, have chronic immune deficiencies, wish to break up and eliminate old scar tissue, and so much more.